How to Update Your Wardrobe

Many reasons may prompt a wardrobe overhaul. You’ve graduated college and have your first real job, or after years of staying home with the kids, you are headed back to the workplace. Whatever the reason may be, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to update your wardrobe. You just need to pick a few key pieces to give your clothes a whole new look. Put away your sweat pants and funky fashions — it’s time to start dressing chic and grown up.

Purchase a Suit

It doesn’t matter if your job requires a suit or not — you should own one. The right suit can be worn at job interviews, business meetings, a wedding or a funeral. Pick a suit in a neutral shade with a skirt that fall just above the knee. You can change the look of the suit completely by the blouse underneath — a silk shell, ruffled blouse or colorful cami.

Diamond Stud EarringsPick the Right Jewelry
You’d be surprised what a few good pieces of jewelry can do. Invest in a pair of pearl or diamond stud earrings. The diamonds don’t have to be huge and if you can’t afford the real thing, consider cubic zirconia instead. Also, stop telling time on your cell phone and get a real watch instead. Classic watches are stylish and sophisticated.

Invest in a Rich Leather Bag
Canvas totes are fine for weekends. But for the office, you should have a high-quality leather bag. Pick a medium-sized bag that is about 13-14 inches wide. It needs to be roomy enough to hold all of your daily essentials but not so oversized that it weighs you down or overwhelms your look.

Buy a Pair of Classic Pumps

Invest in a pair of black pumps with a closed heel or slingback. The heel should be 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches. These shoes should be your “go-to” footwear for work, but also cute enough to partner with your cocktail dresses.

Image: istockphoto

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