How To: Pink Eyeshadow

Think pink.

Pink eyeshadow seems to come in and out of style every couple of seasons, making it a good look to keep in your arsenal of makeup techniques. Afraid of looking like you have conjunctivitis? There’s a way around that, and it’s called “knowing what you’re doing”. This video breaks down the steps for a pink eyeshadow look that’s more subtle than scary.

Because this look is so high-impact, you can afford to be less-than-perfect with the application. In other words, colour matters more than technique! For maximum pigment at a low-ish cost, try the following products, all from MAC:

  • Paint Pot in Fresco Rose
  • Eyeshadows in Up-Do, Pink Papillon, Living Pink, Passionate, and Cranberry
  • Highlight in Hush

…and don’t forget the eyeliner and mascara! We like Kat Von D’s tattoo liner and Dior Show mascara.

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