Hottest Handbag Trends

The right handbag can really make or break your outfit. If you don’t have an unlimited budget, be choosy when shopping for a new bag. You want to find something that is trendy, but not something that will go out of style quickly. Here are some of the latest handbag trends that will stay around for a while.

Slouchy Hobo
A soft-sided hobo bag with a slouchy shape is a good bet. These bags come in every fabric imaginable including leather, suede, PVC and cotton canvas. Instead of something bold and bright, pick a neutral color that will complement your wardrobe. It doesn’t need to be black. ChocolateĀ  brown and charcoal gray are also fantastic options.

Straw Tote

For a casual bag for the spring and summer, pick up a straw tote. Woven bags are very trendy right now and also very affordable. If you find one for under $25, you can experiment with bright colors. Fuchsia and turquoise are especially hot this season. If you pay a little more for your bag, a natural straw is your best bet since it’s the most versatile.

Studded Satchel

Leather satchels embellished with studs, rivets and zippers are on trend this season. For an edgy, rocker-chic look these handbags can’t be beat. Though these bags are certainly cool, make sure that you will actually use this style of handbag. If most of your wardrobe is mostly business suits or frilly dresses, this might not be the best option for you.

Hard Case Clutch
If you are looking for a new clutch, consider one with a hard case rather than a soft body. These durable bags come in an array of materials from neon plastic to shiny metals. Pick a clutch that isn’t too small. If you can barely fit in your lipstick and a credit card, pick another bag. Though a super small bag might be cute, it just isn’t practical.


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