Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide: Customized Rings (Part 2)

You’ve learned about how to choose a ring’s stone and setting — now it’s time to decide on the fine details.

Name Twist Ring, $109,

If you are buying a customized ring, you will have a number of options to choose from in terms of details to make your gift extra-special. In a multi-gemstone ring, you can combine different stones to make a personal statement (such as combining different birthstones, or choosing a stone with special significance). With even the simplest single-gemstone ring, you can use engraving to personalize the band. A popular trend right now is to have the person’s name engraved on the front of the band, flanking the gemstone. It is also common to engrave the band with a significant date, such as the person’s birthday, the date that you gave the ring, or, if it is a promise ring or engagement ring, the date when you met.

Personalized Square Cut Ring, $319,

If the ring is a present for someone you’re involved with, why not try engraving a personal saying on the inside of the band? An engraving tradition that dates back to Victorian times is to have a private message engraved on the inside of the band. 19th century couples believed that the words would “bond” to its wearer, entering the heart. Messages you can have engraved on the band can be simple and universal – such as “I love you” – or as private as you wish. An inside joke or pet name can make for a fun, lighthearted engraving that will make your gift’s recipient smile every time they see it.

Customizable Marquise Birthstone Ring, $139,

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