Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide: Customized Rings

Buying someone a ring this holiday season? Customizing it can be a thoughtful choice.

S-Curve Birthstone Ring, $99,

If you’ve decided to buy someone a ring this holiday season, you probably already have an idea of what it means, what the person receiving the ring will like, and what kind of stone you want to include. Now, it’s time to decide exactly what it will look like. While a customized ring is a great way to personalize the gift giving experience, it can also be daunting to choose all the final details, especially when you’re not sure what all the terms mean. In this case, it helps to think of the final steps in terms of the setting and the band.


A setting refers to how the stones are arranged on the band of the ring. Unless your ring is an engagement ring – for which settings are somewhat limited – you should have an array of setting options to choose from. Think carefully: does the person you’re giving the ring to prefer stones that jut out, or ride close to the band? Would he or she want a one-stone ring, or several stones arranged in a shape like a heart or swirl? Look at the person’s existing jewelry (careful to not get caught!) and see what they already prefer in rings, such as cluster, prong-solitaire, gypsy or channel settings.

Classic Birthstone Ring, $89,


Ring bands are usually yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver. When choosing between the three, it’s again a good idea to check out the person’s existing jewelry to see what they already prefer. You may also want to consider their wardrobe. Many people wear sterling sliver as it is a metal that looks good with casual, everyday clothing, and is likely to complement the jewelry already in their collection.

Swan Ring in Yellow Gold, $259,

Comfortable with stone and setting options? Learn how to choose a ring’s customized details in Wednesday’s post.

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