Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide: Customized Necklaces

If you’re gifting someone with a necklace this holiday season, a personalized touch can go a long way.

Customizable Birthstone Family Tree Necklace, $139,

Now that you know how to get a customized ring made for someone else, why not try to have other pieces of jewelry customized as well? Many women refrain from wearing certain necklaces because some detail is off — the chain is the wrong length, maybe, or the metal is silver as opposed to her favourite gold — so having the perfect piece made can be a very thoughtful gesture.

Talk to your jeweler about having a necklace customized; you’ll find that even if the service isn’t advertised, many will be willing to personalize a necklace of your choice at no or little extra cost. Reputable online jewelers often have this service too; you can always email customer service to inquire.

Choose the metal and gemstone

Journey Birthstone Heart Pendant, $89,

Many pendant-style necklaces in particular are available in several different precious metals, the most popular being sterling silver and yellow gold. After you’ve chosen a necklace, inquire with your jeweler as to which metals the piece comes in. As with rings, it’s best to look at the jewelry collection of the person you are buying for to figure out which types of metal she prefers.

You should also explore options for gemstones, if the necklace you are choosing features one or more. Your jeweler will be able to tell you if he or she can swap out gemstones for others in a ready-made piece. Birthstones are always a popular option, while diamonds make a more dramatic, traditional statement; keep the person you are buying for in mind before making your choice.

Find the right length

Many women have a preferred necklace type that complements the neckline they wear most often or their personal style. Keep your eye on her jewelry collection before you buy and make a mental note of the length.

Almost any pendant can be suspended from different chains; if your jeweler can’t supply the chain length you’d like, you can always just purchase the pendant and buy the perfect chain separately.

Pick the details

Underscore Personalized Nameplate Necklace, $69,

Personalized details on necklaces such as engraved sayings or names have been popular for several years now. An engraving — her initials, say, or a personal message — can be easily done on the back of many solid pendants. Nameplate necklaces are also very customizable and can be found at many jewelers.

Our Holiday Gift Guide Series returns on Wednesday for a youtube tutorial on buying gold jewelry. See you then!

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