History of Cross Pendants

With the recent release of a series of new cross pendants at Jewlr, we thought it only fitting to delve into a brief history of this powerful Christian accessory.


While the cross is widely accepted as the representation of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it didn’t become a symbol of Christianity until the 4th century, around the time the Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official faith of the Roman Empire.

Initially, the wearing of a cross was ordained only for priests and the Clergy who could afford to wear them. However it wasn’t long before the symbolic accessory spread to members with high standing in the church, such as the royalty and nobility.

Today, any follower of the Christian faith may wear this ancient symbol around their neck. But unlike the crude crosses of the 4th century, today’s pendants are delicate masterpieces, each reworking the familiar crucifix into contemporary new designs like those above.

While traditionally crosses like these are gifted during rites such as baptism and confirmation, it’s acceptable to purchase cross necklaces at any time. Jewlr’s release of brand new cross pendants just so happens to come in time for Christmas, a perfect gift for your loved ones to wear to midnight mass or carols by candlelight!

You can personalize and purchase any of the designs above and more at Jewlr.com/cross-necklaces.

Which of our new designs is your favorite? Tell us below!

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