Just-Because Gifts For Mom

A mother’s love is warm, unconditional, and everlasting. When it’s time to pay tribute to the woman that brought you into the world, sometimes the choice can be hard to make. Whether it’s your mother, grandmother, sister or best friend, choosing the perfect gift for this special woman should be extraordinary just like her.

Jewlr makes it easy to say what’s in your heart with our 100% customizable pieces. We offer a wide selection of mother’s rings, pendants and bracelets that can be recreated to suit any style and budget. For the sentimental mom, add birthstones of her children, grandchildren, or spouse. For the sweet and simple mom, add an engraving. And for the stylish mom, choose from hundreds of pieces and personalize to match her look!

So what do you give to the woman that’s given you everything? Check out our gift guide for presents that are sure to please.

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The Cage Collection


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This collection was created with the sentimental mom in mind. This unique cage design is both intricate and delicate and features anywhere from two to five gorgeous heart gemstones inside. For children’s, spouses or friends birthstones, or even to represent the month of a special occasion, these pieces are all available in a number of styles, metals, stones and sizes. You couldn’t ask for a more personalized gift!

Great for: the mom who loves to make a statement and is always searching for something unique! Also, any mother that appreciates charming antique-like jewelry.

Shop Heart Ring here // Shop Heart Pendant here.



The Infinity

Infinity jewelry reflects the idea of forever, and what’s a better way to  represent your infinite love with this selection of rings, pendants and bracelets.

With so many different styles to choose from, there’s sure to be one that will bring out your mother’s true colors! Make it bedazzled with her family’s birthstones, or make it sweet, simple yet special! Ranging from simple to bold, the Infinity line can be personalized to fit any style or budget. 

Great for: the glamorous and on-trend mom, or a soft and sophisticated mama!

Shop the Mom Infinity Ring here.



The Family Tree

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The family tree has been used for hundreds of years to showcase the intricacies and unique bonds that a family shares. This collection brings your family tree to life with an array of rings, bracelets and pendants with customizable metal, birthstones and styles.

This pendant combines natural beauty with unapologetic glamour, and is the perfect gift for the woman who’s heart is as big as her family.

Great for: the down-to-earth beauty who appreciates wearing a little piece of nature on her arm! Perfect for any size family.

Shop The Family Tree Gold Pendant here.


     The Simple

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For the woman that appreciates small token of affection, these soft and stackable pieces are great for everyday wear. Customize rings and bracelets with birthstones or her favorite gems as a personal touch.

Perfect for the queen of layering, or the mother that likes to keep jewelry light and fuss-free. Sometimes the biggest gifts really do come in the smallest sizes.

Great for: the mom that likes to keep it simple!

Find The Simple Silver ring here.



The Bold

alt text here

For the proud and loud mama bear! These pieces are 100% customizable with engravings, gemstone and metal options that are fit for any queen. Great for big families or a large circle of friends. A great option for any glamorous goddess!

Great for: the mom that loves to make a statement with her jewelry.

Find the Layered Silver ring here.



The Monogram 

From simple, medium to bold, these name and monogram pendants are both trendy and timeless! Add any name or initial to these gorgeous and sweet necklaces to make a one-of-a-kind gift. Stack and layer as many as you like, available in different metals and accent options, as well as chain length. 

Great for: The new-age mom.

Shop Monogram Pendants here.




Whether it’s for her birthday, a special occasion or just because, there is no one more deserving of a special gift than Mom! A personalized Jewlr piece is one gift she’ll never forget.

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