Essential Shoe Styles for Work

If you work in a corporate environment, classic black pumps are definitely a must. However they don’t have to be the end-all in your business wardrobe. In addition to black pumps, here are four essential shoe styles for the office.

ShoesHeeled Oxfords
These shoes have become very popular in recent years and they certainly are office appropriate. They take the styling of a men’s oxford with a lace-up front and add a high heel for a feminine touch. Heeled oxfords come in every color and fabric imaginable, so you are sure to find something that fits your personal taste.

Kitten Heels
Unless you work somewhere very creative (and you don’t walk around much), you shouldn’t wear sky-high heels at the office. They just aren’t comfortable and don’t leave the best impression (leave your stripper heels at home). Instead, stock up on kitten heels with a closed toe and slingback. These shoes are feminine and professional, plus also comfy too. Kitten heels are less than 2 inches high and have a flirty curve to the heel.

Ballet Flats
Flat shoes are a simple choice for the workplace. Though they don’t work well with a suit, you can wear them with slacks or a skirt. Ballet flats in neutral colors (black, brown, grey and navy) are versatile, but don’t be afraid to experiment with color and shine occasionally. Red patent leather flats are a very nice option that is office-appropriate.

In the fall and winter, ankle boots can certainly make their way into your office wardrobe. Choose a pair with a chunky or wedge heel rather than stilettos, and they shouldn’t be higher than three inches.

Shoes to avoid at the office:

  • Sneakers
  • Flip flops
  • Metallic shoes
  • Ultra high heels

Check your company dress code if you aren’t sure about the rules pertaining to open back or open toe sandals.

Image: istockphoto

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