Five Engagement Ring Myths That Aren’t True

It seems there’s an old wives tale for almost anything wedding-related, from the timeless good-luck ritual of wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue” to the tradition of with wearing your ring on the left hand.  The engagement ring is a symbol of your everlasting love and devotion to each other. It represents a promise and a tangible token of affection- so why are there so many ‘rules’ around it? An engagement ring shouldn’t be set in stone…so to speak. Here are the top five engagement ring myths debunked.
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Myth #1: An engagement ring should be a diamond ring

Diamonds are beautiful, but there’s no reason why you should feel obligated to only give this gem attention! Rubies are a gorgeous alternative stone to use and represent love, passion, courage and are believed to bring good luck to their owner. Sapphires are also a stunning stone for an engagement ring, and represent honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. Using a birthstone in lieu of the classic diamond can make any ring feel custom, so don’t feel tied down to a single stone when picking your dream ring.  Jewlr gives you a large selection of gemstones for any ring of your choice.  

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Myth #2: Price matters

The “rule of thumb” when purchasing an engagement ring is approximately the equivalent of three months salary. However, there’s no real science to determining how much money someone should spend on a ring. What makes an engagement ring truly valuable is the thought and love that goes into picking out the perfect ring, just for her. Jewlr makes it easy to stay on budget with so many band, stone and engraving options. 

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Myth #3: Rings should be white gold

There is no rule that says all engagement rings should be white gold or silver! If you prefer yellow gold or rose gold, then don’t hesitate to pick out something you love. The perfect metal can make the different between an ordinary ring and a truly remarkable one.  Jewlr offers a selection of sterling silver, 10k and 14k white, yellow and rose gold to create the ultimate custom ring. 

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Myth #4: You have to wear your original ring

There is no harm or ‘bad luck’ in slightly altering your engagement ring! If something isn’t quite right, you shouldn’t feel guilty for changing or upgrading it! Whether you’ve been married for years, or are just about to embark on your journey together, Jewlr makes it easy to pick the ring of your dreams with our large selection, hassle-free 99-day return policy and free resizing. Whether you want to change your stone, setting or size, Jewlr has you covered. 

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Myth #5: An engagement ring can’t be bought online

Online stores like Jewlr make custom rings for your budget and style in mind! Using Jewlr is a safe, reliable and convenient choice for engagement ring shopping, offering truly one-of-a-kind personalization. View hundreds of styles, stones and settings with ease and build your own custom piece. Your ring will come right to your door ready for you to give to your special someone! Shopping online with Jewlr makes it easy for everyone! 

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