Editor Picks: Top 3 Man Repelling Pant Choices

A few weeks back I delivered a short list of the most Man Repelling fashion trends flooding the streets right now. It’s time to get a bit more specific though so here I, the self proclaimed Queen of Man Repelling fashion is here to deliver a short list of the most man repelling pants a female can strap onto her legs. Brace yourselves, ladies.

1. It’s a bit obvious to jump straight in and say the harem pant, especially because I’ve already listed this one, instead I will deliver something a bit more aggressive: the drop crotch pant.

You see, this is the perfect example of a pant that leaves a man utterly confused. Where do her legs start and butt end? They also create the illusion of an enormous crotch, one we can vouch certainly does not actually exist.

Torn by Ronny Kobo pants, $253 at Shopbop.com.

2. Anything genie inspired. Yes, we loved I Dream of Genie too, and yes she was quite the man getter, but still, times they are a’changing and if you’re out to emulate a genie’s heyday, you can say so long to the prospect of say, a spontaneous illicit meeting.

Extra repel points if said pants are printed. Homeslice pants, $88 at ShopNastyGal.com.

You can try a pair like this too…

Uh, let us know how it goes. Wide leg pants, $87 at Shopbop.com.

You can try to gym-wear inspired genie look for a double fail, as well…

Dress & Co sweat pants, $385 at Opening Ceremony.

3. The high-waisted pant. I have a little anecdote for you, readers. Once upon a Sunday night, yours truly was on a date. The man she was with was attractive, nice, funny, and smart. Before he could take a close look at that which she was wearing, they sat down to dinner. Toward the end of the night, after ignited blatant love, the two got up. The first thing he said: “everything about you is cute except for this stupid high waisted shorts. I don’t think I can see you again.”

…Fine, he didn’t tell me he couldn’t see me again, I added that for dramatic effect, but nonetheless, this pant is a particular hated garment among the men because they make even the most adorable butts look ridiculous…either flat and long or far too plump and big.

Still, I will reiterate my mantra: who needs companionship when you can have cool clothes! To repel correctly, choose Levi’s vintage denim cutoffs for a casual leg baring look.

Denim Cutoffs $28 at Urban Outfitters.

Disclaimer: It is embarassing how many pairs of these I own. Yes, I’m single.

Try these, for a more conservative Man Repelling look:

…see what I mean? Man fail.

High waisted riding pants, $72 at American Apparel.

Happy Repelling!

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