Editor Picks: Top 3 Man Attracting Pant Choices

Yesterday, Leandra brought you her top 3 picks for pants that are guaranteed to make this the Summer of Celibacy for any and all stylish girls on the single circuit. Here are my recommendations for pants that won’t confuse him right out of your life.

1. Skinny Jeans

Duh! This one’s a no brainer. Not only do guys like anything tight and XX-chromosome confirming when it comes to women’s fashion, but they go gaga for girls in jeans as a rule. To straight guys, a girl who lives in jeans is low-maintainence: a must-have when he decides to reveal that his idea of a date is you watching him play X-Box until his bros get there with the beers. No way a girl who wears patterned harem pants would be down with that.

Pair your skinnies with a non-crazy shirt – I’ll suggest a V-neck t-shirt – and some uncomplicated heels for a look that says “Who could care about fashion when you have such a sweet basement apartment and you’re kicking ass at level three? ”

Hudson Classic Skinny Jeans in Berkeley, $189, available at Revolve Clothing

2. Low-rise jeans

Look, I hate them too, OK? I’d change this if I could but until I can, the fact will remain that most men in their 20s and 30s likely had a lot of formative sexual experiences during a time when women everywhere walked around looking like this:

Which is not to say you need to rock the 2-inch zipper again; any rise less substantial than our usual high-waisted culprits will be a step in the right direction. Channel 1990s Kate Moss with some vintage Calvin Kleins:

…or just choose pants that don’t come up to your rib cage. Don’t forget to crazy-check your shirt!

J Brand Low-Rise Skinny Jeans, $178, at J Brand

3. A Pop of Colour

Men love it when a girl they are into has one super-recognizable detail they can hook into and use to describe her to their friends. “The girl with the bangs”, “the chick with the green bike” – you get the picture.

My ex-boyfriend actually suggested that men focus on details because they have trouble telling women apart. Wow. My less-cynical theory is that it’s just the way girls have been described in a good number of the books, TV specials, and songs that lots of guys grew up worshipping. Either way, if you manage to become “The girl with the pink jeans” in his mind you’re off to a good start. Just keep it simple and avoid going overboard with multiple colours, a baggy or high-waisted cut, or a (gasp!) print – they’re not into that.

Cheap Monday Zip Low Jeans in Wine, Cheap Monday

It goes without saying that if you pair these man-attracters with black pantyhose and silver platforms like on the model above, you are in deep man-repelling territory. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you are sporting this look to read Style Bubble at 10 PM on a Friday in your empty apartment.

Happy attracting!

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