Dreaming of Dream Catchers

We’re dreaming of dream catchers this season! This fall is all about knits, fur all things feathers. So what better way to get into this fun filled style than with a dream catcher necklace or bracelet complete with three dangling feathers? Not only is the dream catcher a symbol for good luck, happy thoughts and positive dreams, it is also right on trend!

Style them however you like and make them your own! Try putting your own birthstone in the center and having your children or other family members’ stones as each feather. You could even make it friendship jewlr-y! Why not put your own birthstone in the middle and your 3 bffs’ on the feathers?

The Dream Catcher Bracelet, with one center stone, looks beautifully elegant in sterling silver. The Dream Catcher Pendant comes in white gold or sterling silver which have a stunningly classy yet free spirited vibe as well as yellow gold which reads regal and majestic but also  fantastically hip and stylish.

Both the bracelet and pendant are fabulously autumnal and really will add an extra special touch to any outfit. Whichever way you choose to style them, you’re sure to make a statement with a truly special, meaningful piece of jewlr-y!

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