Don’t Just Promise, Pinky Promise!

We pinky promise, you will NOT find a more adorable bracelet! Showing someone you love them with a promise jewelry is one thing, showing them that you pinky swear to love them forever is a whole other ballgame of romantic!

Our Pinky Swear Promise Bracelet is a new and unique take on promise jewelry because it takes a more literal approach on the “promise” which is both charming and memorable. Its exceptionally sentimental quality makes it sure to be a forever piece, especially because it won’t have to be switched out when the engagement ring comes 😉 It will always be a constant reminder of the love you share.

Also, the bracelet’s thin and dainty appearance means it can be paired with a variety of other jewelry and worn in combination with watches, bangles and other bracelets. It is subtle enough to compliment, rather than overwhelm rings, necklaces and earrings and yet it is interesting and distinctive enough to stand alone as a truly meaningful and fashionable piece of jewlr-y!

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