DIY: Victorian Choker

With the recent proliferation of period television dramas and films stealing the hearts of families all over the world, it’s clear the period trend is here to stay.

Because you’ll have to wait until next January to ogle the period fashion in the eagerly anticipated fourth season of Downton Abbey, we’ve created a sweet and simple DIY to help you indulge in some late 19th century and early 20th century style in the meantime. Using your favorite pendant and some velvet ribbon, you’ll be able to channel the lovely Lady Grantham in no time!

Choker necklaces have appeared throughout history, but were most notably worn by various female royals including the likes of Anne Boleyn, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen Victoria and Mary of Teck. While the 90s made choker-style necklaces briefly popular again, only now is fashion revisiting the choker in its most classic form.

Whether worn on its own or with a carefully chosen accent, the ribboned choker necklace of Queen Victoria’s era is brought to the fore thanks to our contemporary obsession with the style, opulence and etiquette of the past.


At Jewlr we love making old trends new again and so to create a choker necklace of our own design we’ve simply refashioned our bestselling Gemini Touching Hearts Pendant by swapping out the metal chain included with each pendant purchase with a suitable length of velvety ribbon.

While black velvet was the color de jour for chokers in the past, you can match your ribbon to your pendant’s gemstones for a contemporary take on the look instead.

Don’t think you have the right pendant for this look? Treat yourself to a new dangly piece of sparkle by browsing the full pendant collection at

Are you a fan of the Victorian choker trend? Tell us below!


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