Celebrity Tourmaline: Marisol Nichols

When it comes to statement red carpet jewelry, at Jewlr we think a pop of color is always best. And with the pretty pink tourmaline this month’s birthstone, we couldn’t help but be taken back to a certain 2011 Emmy’s party where 24 star, Marisol Nichols, rocked a gorgeous pink frock and gigantic pink ring!

The Katerina Maxine 18-karat white gold ring pictured below, which Nichols’ chose for the event, featured a show-stopping 9-carat rubellite surrounded by dazzling diamonds – proving once again that diamonds can take on a supporting role when it comes to statement rings. The star of this celebrity jewel is of course the larger-than-life oval rubellite, which (if you didn’t know already), is just another name for pink tourmaline!


In September Jewlr released a range of dazzling statement rings and just two months later there are even more upsized beauties for you to choose from to channel Nichols’ red carpet look. Our top picks? The Margaret Double Halo Ring and Brilliant Princess Ring with profile Accents (above) – both easily customized with white gold, sparkly Swarovski centers and diamond accents.

After some actual tourmaline for your collection? Why not browse Jewlr’s entire range of pink tourmaline jewelry? You can see the full collection right here at Jewlr.com/october-birthstone-jewelry.

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What color would you pick for your very own Jewlr statement ring? Tell us below!

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