Canada Day Jewelry Ideas

While July is a patriotic time for both Americans and the French, celebrating Independence Day and Bastille Day respectively during the hot summer month, another country is also taking the time to celebrate some national pride on July 1st.

Commemorating the anniversary of the enactment of the British North America Act (1867) on July 1st, 1867, now called the Constitution Act (1867), is Canada Day. Canadians in Canada, and abroad, celebrate this annual holiday to honor the act which united three colonies into a single country – called Canada – within the British Empire.

Much like the American and French celebrations, Canada Day is a time for family, food, festivals and fireworks. However, unlike the blue, red and white-hued events of their neighbors, Canada Day is a strictly red and white event.

With Jewlr’s headquarters in the heart of Canada in Toronto, Ontario, this celebration is dear to our hearts – so we’ve customized a few of our best selling designs in the flag colors to honor this important day.


The Infinity Accent Ring and Duo of Hearts and Stones Infinity Ring (top row) and A “Couple” of Hearts Ring and Fancy Stone Set Bow Ring (bottom row), are some of our client’s favorite designs, making them a safe choice for your holiday sparkle.

You can personalize and purchase any of Jewlr’s best sellers at – just be sure to hurry up and order soon if you would like to receive your red and white jewelry in time for the big day!

Which of the designs above is your favorite best seller? Tell us below!

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