CAGE is all the RAGE!

With Valentines Day right around the corner, Jewlr customers are locking in their LOVE!

They say that the truest love – friendship, romance, family – means multiple people sharing one soul; that you are never really complete without your loved ones, almost like you are made up of small pieces of them.

Our amazing new caged/encased pendants and rings embody just that! Loose gemstones float effortlessly, locked safely in a 3D, precious metal heart-shaped enclosure. The unattached, uninhibited nature of these gorgeous, sparkling stones symbolizes freedom, independence and wander – while the precious metal enclosures surrounding them represent safety, security and belonging. Thus, these amazingly unique pieces represent relationships.

Whether the relationship you are celebrating is mother and children, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife or treasured friends; these pieces are symbols of the way each member of the relationship is an individual but their love for one another will keep them together forever.

Caged Hearts Pendant

Caged Hearts Ring

Encased in Love Infinity Ring

Organic Caged Hearts

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