Brown Mascara!

2 words… BROWN MASCARA! If you’re like me with blonde hair with light eyebrows and light eyelashes and you want to make your eyes pop with a natural look then the secret is, brown mascara.

This simple trick can be used for girls and guy.

Girls – Do your friends tell you that you wear too much makeup? Or how about those of you with rather small lashes that just need to be extenuated.  Well Brown mascara is perfect for you.

Boys – Girls and Guys both love nice eyes because frankly the eyes ARE the windows to the soul. If guys want to attract girls or want to attract guys, put on a little brown mascara. Trust me, it will give a strong emphasis to the eyes.


So what I do now is I put a little brown mascara on, then I take a mascara brush and use that to elongate and make sure that you can’t see any clumps, and so that you don’t notice I’m wearing mascara. Whenever I do that I always get someone commenting on my eyes and how blue and striking they are.

So it really does work! So go out, buy some brown mascara and liven up your eyes in seconds!

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