Bridal Party Gift Idea: Coolr Rings

In the past bridesmaids were seldomnly consulted about their wedding day attire, instead forced to attend fittings for unflattering gowns. Modern brides, thankfully, have largely abolished this custom and are a lot more sympathetic to the comfort of friends or family members. Unfortunately, while a bride may be flexible on the style of dresses in her bridal party, wedding day colors are usually the only remaining cohesive force and are often non-negotiable.

Because not every bridesmaid will share your vision of a midnight blue soiree or sunshine yellow breakfast, it’s not ideal to give them a similarly hued accessory to wear on the day as thanks for their support. These gifts are bound to be worn just once – on your wedding day – only to later be banished to the back of a dresser. But now with Jewlr’s latest range of customizable rings, you can have the matching bridal party of your dreams without the color commitment.


Thanks to the interchangeable silicone band in Jewlr’s new Coolr range of rings, you can give your nearest and dearest a gift that features your wedding color as well as your bridesmaids’ favorite hues. With three bands in 10 different silicone colors offered with every Coolr ring, there’s even room for two of your friends favorite colors. So whether your friends are a pastel, natural or lumo lovers, there’s a perfect color combo for just about everyone.

Ready to give the ultimate bridesmaid gift and wedding day accessory rolled into one? Start personalizing and purchasing your preferred Coolr ring right here at

What Coolr color would you pick for your wedding? Tell us below!

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