Blog of the Week: The Man Repeller

The Man Repeller herself, mourning the effects of her cut-out top and Alexander Wang skirt.

What: The Man Repeller, an exploration of the havoc designer clothing can wreak on one’s love life. It’s super popular.

Who: Leandra Medine, full-time man repeller and part-time Sparkle Daily contributor.

Why:   We don’t just love the Man Repeller because we poach its author from time to time (though that’s part of it!). We love it because it’s hilarious and true. What woman hasn’t wondered at the paradox that the outfits she loves wearing most are the ones that men find confusing or downright ugly? Like a fashion Jacques Cousteau, Leandra seeks out the most man repelling fashion trends of moment, breaks down why they’re so dangerous…and then happily wears them anyway. As she says, who needs wang when you can have Alexander Wang?

What are your go-to blogs for hilarity and style or jewelry stuff? Let us know and we could feature it in an upcoming post.

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