Blog of the Week: The Jewelry Hunter

Cool header + substantial posts + great jewelry finds – spelling errors = Alexandra blog love.

Who: Lisa Ladhe, but we knoweth that only from Twitter. On the site, the blogger  lists herself only as The Jewelry Hunter, which gives her a aura of mystery befitting a lady who hunts for jewels. Loving it.

What: The Jewelry Hunter, a blog reviewing cool new finds in the world of jewelry design. Sadly defunct, but definitely worth a tour through the archives.

Where: San Francisco. But I like to imagine this blog was composed in dark cafes around the world, its author swathed in a trench coat, dark glasses, and maybe a headscarf tied under her chin, Jackie-O-style. Maybe a wig? Yes – an anonymous jewelry hunter would definitely wear a wig.

Why: Apart from the delicious mystery surrounding the anonymous blogging, we’re a sucker for a great header – peek again at the burnout green font above, and tell me it isn’t intriguing. We also love the substantial posts (sans spelling and grammar carnage – much thanks) and the attention to up-and-coming jewelry designers such as Turn Me On Design and Jill Antonishak. While the blog might have died in May 2009, its author is still tweeting about her hunt for jewelry here: @JewelryHunter. Follow her! Maybe she’ll do her blog again. 🙂

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