Blog of the Week: Peculiar Beauty

Our blog of the week brings you  hilariously ill-advised vintage beauty, fitness and style advice from decades and even centuries past.

What: Peculiar Beauty, a compendium of “charmingly absurd advice” from experts and celebrities from the Victorian era to the 1980s.

Who: Bonnie Downing, author of a book by the same title, blogger, and recent contributor to Jezebel.

Where: Brooklyn, New York.

Why: Peculiar Beauty has been a longtime favourite of mine, mostly because I share Bonnie’s passion for ridiculous, outdated, and often downright dangerous lifestyle and beauty advice – especially when it’s penned by eccentric one-time-celebrities like Jane Seymour or Loni Anderson. On her site, Bonnie serves up reviews of what she calls “auto-beauty-ographies” (twisted tell-alls masked as beauty advice books), plus weird product findings (I’m partial to her vintage workout tape reviews), odd beauty stuff in the news, and other fashion, fitness and makeup ephemera. Combine this with Bonnie’s natural writing voice and the result is a funny and often fascinating tour through the history of female self-improvement.

Sadly, Peculiar Beauty hasn’t been updated until August, but if you’re just discovering it now, there’s hours of hilarious reading still up in the archives.

What are your favourite style, fashion, or beauty blogs? Let us know and we’ll try to include your suggestions in an upcoming post.

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