Blog of the Week: Oh La La Curves

We love it when bloggers tackle the social issues at play in the fashion industry.

Beth Ditto walks the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier

What: Oh La La Curves, a blog about fashion’s ongoing size issues.

Who: La Cara – plus sized fashion lover and blogger.

Where: London, England (so don’t get too caught up in her sizing system posts – a UK 16 is more like a US 10).

Why: Fashion’s love affair with the skinny – and the inherent ridiculousness of that – is nothing new. 2009 saw massive coverage of any and anything size-related in fashion, from Karl Lagerfeld’s comments about non-model female bodies to the explosive popularity of plus-size model Crystal Renn. Still, it’s nice to see coverage of the issue that goes beyond the brief and sensational. La Cara covers any and everything related to bodies and fashion, from the link between media images of bodies and eating disorders to Beth Ditto’s recent turn as a fashion model and muse. Best of all, Oh La La Curves has a real sense of fun and love of fashion – it’s as entertaining as it is illuminating.

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