Blog of the Week: Jewel Box Dreams

An adorable blog combines great jewelry coverage with random musings about style and other pretty things.

What: Jewel Box Dreams, a jewelry, style, and, um, dog blog.

Who: 23-year-old Susanna, and her Labrador Retriever, Wiki.

Why: Who can resist a mix of jewelry coverage, online closet sales, and pet-focused entertainment posts? Not us. Susanna describes her blog as being mostly “about jewelry, makeup, ballet and dogs” – and the result is as sweetly hilarious as it is informative. Check out her coverage of cool new jewelry on the market, nail polishes of the week, or dogs on film for a sense of Susanna’s charmingly offbeat style, then steal it by raiding her closet through her ongoing online clothing and accessories sale. Plus, while it bugged us at first, there’s something to be said for the multilingual format of the site. If you’re going to shop online, you may as well do it in the glamourous foreign country of your dreams, non?

Which blogs would you like to see featured in an upcoming installment of the Sparkle Daily blog of the week? Let us know and we’ll get a-surfing.

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