Blog of the Week: Eat, Sleep, Denim

We eat, sleep, Eat, Sleep Denim. Find out why after the jump.

Who: Jennine Jacobs, style superblogger and denim addict.

Where: Jennine’s a California girl – no wonder she’s obsessed with the All-American classic.

What: Eat, Sleep, Denim

Why: If you have a fashion blog – and these days, who doesn’t? – chances are you’re already familiar with Jeannine Jacob, whose blog, The Coveted, and Independent Fashion Bloggers network, make her the closest thing we can think of to an online fashion celebrity. Her new denim blog, Eat, Sleep Denim, is maybe her coolest project yet. With tons of reviews of jeans, denim polls, and simply the best outfit styling tutorials (she shoots her own outfits), this new blog quickly became the most comprehensive and entertaining denim blog on the web.

You’ve been sending us some great suggestions for independent fashion and jewelry blogs to feature as our Blog of the Week – keep ’em coming!

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