Blog of the Week: Cosmically Chic

Our pick for this week’s awesome blog award helps you learn how your style is written in the stars.

What: Cosmically Chic, a blog about fashion and astrology.

Who: Greg Polkosnick, astrologer, fashion writer, and author of a book by the same name, Cosmically Chic: Discovering Your Fashion Style Through Astrology. Buy it here.

Why: This isn’t your fluffy US Weekly horoscope – Greg knows his astrology, takes it seriously, and is able to discuss the link between fashion and the zodiac in a way that’s fascinating, informative, and fun. Greg, a Capricorn (and thus detail-oriented by nature) explores his topic by featuring a different style celebrity each day, on his or her birthday, then breaks down how that person’s style is influenced by his or her birth sign. From there, it’s a lot of fun to look for the patterns: for example, Madonna, Mae West, and Coco Chanel are all Leos, the sign of charisma and ego, qualities that translate to the bold colours, silhouettes, and bravado of all three. I’m a Capricorn too and can’t wait for January, when Greg will turn his attention to my sign’s style.

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