Blog of the Week: Alex Keller

Our pick for blog of the week features jewelry, style and shopping news from a blogger who writes what she knows.

What: Alex Keller

Who: Indie jewelry designer and blogger Alex Keller

Where: Tuscon, Arizona

Why: It’s always refreshing to read blogs about stuff by people who design that stuff, and Alex Keller’s site is a great example of why. A jewelry designer by trade, she has a unique eye for accessories of all kinds, but especially up-and-coming lines such as her own. We love getting her perspective on new trends in jewelry, how pieces are made, and where to look for unique new labels. The personal touch she puts on each post is also a bonus: whether it’s about shopping for a new bathroom or waxing poetic over turquoise twine, Alex’s blog is one that seems like it was as much for for her to write as it is for us to read.

Credit where it’s due: while Alex doesn’t tend to use her blog for personal marketing – her own stuff is super-cute, reconstructed from vintage and used pieces in a labour of eco-love.

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