Birthstone of the Month: Sapphire

One of the colors associated with royalty, this month’s birthstone has long been considered a powerful tool for protection.


Thanks to its rare beauty and enduring strength (a gemstone only second in hardness to diamond), sapphires were quite popular with royalty as talismans. It is believed that kings wore sapphire to protect them from harm and prevent jealousy among their court. Interestingly, a sapphire worn during the signing of a treaty, was in fact believed to ensure a true reconciliation.

The use of sapphire for protection was not only undertaken by royalty. Historically the stone was used throughout Europe as protection from the evil eye – thought to be able to reflect harmful or evil spells back to the sender.

Magicians, too, were fond of sapphires and were known to use them to enhance and direct their magical powers. Today this gemstone is still used during meditation for mental clarity and to focus mental energy.

Also, much like the ancient royal use of the dazzling blue stone, the sapphire is often used to promote fair play and loyalty amongst partners and employees, as well as bring about correct conclusions to internal politics.

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