Birthstone of the Month: Ruby

While a popular gemstone for royal jewels, used in regalia and insignia for centuries, the vibrant ruby has a more humble role as this month’s birthstone.


Rubies have throughout time been coveted for their positive effects and mystical properties. Ivan the Terrible, the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547 and Tsar of All the Russias from 1547, claimed that rubies were good for the heart, brain and memory. The belief that rubies had healing powers was shared all over the world, resulting in the bright red stone’s prescription for liver problems, counteracting poison and even to restore youth and vitality.

Healing properties aside, the ruby has long been considered the stone of love, energy, passion and power – much like the association we have with the ruby hue today.

While some properties of rubies may be debated, there is one that seems almost impossible to ignore. Thought to promote dynamic leadership, bring a positive and courageous state of mind and provide strength during times of controversy or dispute (as well as protection against physical attack), it’s no wonder royale families throughout history have held this stone in such high regard, proclaiming it their own for their jewelry, ornaments and other valuable wares.

While there are few royale families in power today, the ruby still lives on as a symbol of love in contemporary jewelry. A signifier of passion, the ruby has become a favorite for Valentine’s Day jewelry and for gestures of love that are given throughout the year.

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What does the red of ruby symbolize for you? Tell us below!

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