Birthstone of the Month: Pink Tourmaline

There are few things prettier in pink than this month’s birthstone, the pink tourmaline.


Relaxing and nurturing, pink tourmaline is predominantly associated with feminine energies. Said to heal emotional wounds, the stone is strongly linked with the heart chakra – the point of vital energy in Hindu metaphysical tradition positioned in the spine at the heart region. A soothing stone, the pink tourmaline brings feelings of comfort and safety to the wearer – much like the warm embrace of a maternal figure. These characteristics make the stone particularly beneficial to people that have difficulty dealing with fear, or who suffer from the dehabilitating effects of panic attacks.

Featuring receptive qualities, pink tourmaline is well known for its ability to promote compassion. Often worn to enhance sympathetic feelings towards others, the stone is a popular choice for healers, therapists and counselors who use it in order to better understand the needs of their patients.

For those with a deeper connection, much like the dazzling red ruby, the pink tourmaline is frequently associated with unconditional love and friendship. Of all the tourmalines, the pink tourmaline is said to carry the strongest virtue of love. The stone isn’t, however, solely meant to express feelings towards a loved one. It can also be used to heal emotional pain and assist in the gentle dispersion of upset from a broken relationship.

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Is ruby or pink tourmaline your favorite love stone? Tell us below!

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