Birthstone of the Month: Blue Topaz

The blue topaz may be the state gemstone of Texas, but this month’s birthstone has been revered for its special properties since ancient history.


Blue topaz is said to bestow multiple benefits upon its wearer. Representing righteousness and loyalty, the stone was carried by the ancient Greeks to protect them from misfortune and premature death.

In addition to its own attributes, blue topaz shares the qualities of all topaz. The ancient Romans may have credited topaz with preventing sickness of the chest and abdominal pain, but the topaz family is said to possess a variety of other healing properties, such as the ability to aid good sleep and eliminate nightmares. Topaz is also considered an effective in protection against accident and fire, leading to increased intuition and long life.

In keeping with it’s soothing blue hue, blue topaz can help keep a cool head and inspire clear-headedness, trust and compassion for others as a result. The soothing nature of the stone can also be used to loosen the throat, permitting emotions to be easily expressed. It’s why the blue topaz is a popular choice for performers and public speakers.

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