Bejeweled Gypsy Halloween Costume

If you haven’t planned your Halloween outfit yet, don’t fret! Today we’ve got you covered with a last-minute costume that wouldn’t be complete without your favorite sparkle!

The mysterious gypsy, unlike so many other homemade costume ideas, is not only easy to create, but glamorous too! Putting your favorite jewelry center-stage, this DIY Halloween costume makes use of a bunch of things you already own.


Simply don that last-season boho skirt, a billowy button-down blouse and a pair of sexy heeled boots, and complete the look with the following accessories:

  1. Gypsies have long been associated with beautiful statement rings so this is the perfect occasion to wear your biggest cocktail rings simultaneously!  Brightly-colored rings like out Coming up Flowers Ring make for eye-catching fingers.
  2. Smokey eyes are the best way to achieve that smoldering gypsy look so make sure you define each eye with a wide sweep of eyeliner before adding your eyeshadow.
  3. A headscarf transforms what would otherwise look like your everyday boho ensemble into an authentic-looking gyspy getup. While the scarf should cover the entire crown of the head, allow your locks to cascade casually from beneath – perhaps with a few tonged curls to give your hair some added volume.
  4. Finally, a gypsy costume wouldn’t be complete with a little mesmerizing jingle. A classic charm bracelet, heavily-laden with your favorite charms, will add a delicate tinkle to all your movements while you work that crowd at your Halloween soiree!

(imaged: picture, ring, eye liner, scarf, bracelet)

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