Beautiful Braids

Recreate the angelic halos spotted on the red carpet this awards season.

Beautiful Braids

While Angelina’s famous leg appeared to be the main attraction at this year’s Oscars, I couldn’t help but notice a recurring hairstyle from earlier red carpet events like the Golden Globe and SAG Awards. The classic braided halo.

Seen on Busy Phillips, Bernice Bejo and Diano Argon, the braided hair band is a versatile accent for both daytime and evening ensemble. It’s a look that can easily take you from a daytime picnic to an elegant soiree.

Whether you’re a hairstyle beginner or a regular Paul Mitchell, I’ve rounded up a braided solution for you:

Beginner Alice
No hair styling skills to speak of? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. In fact don’t be fooled by the perfectly braided updos on your favorite celebrities at all. Half the time celebrity hair is supplemented with a little helping hand – hair extensions. Make use of this celebrity hairstylist trick and purchase a braided extension in your own hair color.

Sephora stocks these synthetic braided hair bands for just $10 in five standard hues. Simply slip one on as you would with a normal band and style the rest of your hair as desired.

Intermediate Halo
This option is perhaps the most common and if you’ve ever whipped together a quick braid then this should be a cinch.

Gather a small bunch of hair between the temple and ear of one side of your head and make a simple tight braid. The more hair you gather the thicker the braid. Make sure the start of the braid is loose enough to be pulled up and over your crown without pulling uncomfortably. Once this is established, braid right down to the end and secure with a band. Pull the braid over your crown once more and secure behind the other ear with a hair clip.

If you have long hair you might be able to wrap it completely around your head and return to the starting ear. If this isn’t the case and you want a full halo, secure the first braid as usual and create a second braid where the other has ended and secure it at the start.

Style the rest of your hair as desired.

Advanced French
If you’ve been French braiding your own hair since you were 10, then this is the option for you.

Tilt your head to one side and brush all the hair back away from the ear you will be starting at. With a comb draw a line from the top of the starting ear across your crown and over to the finishing ear. Comb all the hair from the line forward over your face. Remember the more hair you brush forward, the thicker the braid. Brush the remaining hair into a temporary ponytail.

Starting at your chosen ear, braid as you would a standard French braid, adding more strands as you come up and over the crown. When you reach your other ear, finish the braid off with a regular braid and secure at the end.

If you have long hair wrap the additional end underneath your ponytail and secure with clips close to your hairline and finish at the starting ear. Alternatively style it with the other hair in the ponytail once released.

And there you have it, three braids to make this red carpet look yourself!

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