Back to School Sale

Summer 2014 has flown by, and we can’t believe that it’s almost September! – And with the summer coming to a close, it can only mean one thing: back to school. Whether you’re excited to reunite with school friendships, or sad to leave summer ones, our new bracelet collection is sure to please every BFF you have.

We offer a ton of different styles of bracelets, and at Jewlr we believe that the customer is the best designer, so personalize each piece to fit each friend’s individual style! Friendship bracelets have always been a perfect way to show your love, and even though the summer is over, your friendship will last forever, just like the bracelet.

With our back to school sale going on right now, you can get these bracelets at a discounted price! So go ahead, make those memories last a lifetime. Summer may come and go, but friendships are forever.

Shop the back to school sale here:

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