Armoire Jewelry Storage

If your jewelry collection has outgrown the traditional jewelry box, then it’s time to consider investing in your very own jewelry armoire.

Vintage jewelry armoires, while beautiful, are notoriously a little heavy on the pocket so we’ve turned to everybody’s favorite affordable home ware store for a cheap alternative to house your growing jewelry collection.


Ikea’s purpose-built Malm 6-door chest (pictured above) may not be all that pretty to look at at first, but this functional (and affordable) piece of furniture is easily spruced up to create a luxe look for less. With the addition of some new pulls, this basic chest turns into a fabulous jewelry-holding dressing room feature.


Glass class (left)
The stark modern white Malm chest is given a vintage edge with the help of a series of Vintage Mercury Glass Cabinet Knobs – making this modern piece suitable for even the most classic of dressing rooms.

Rustic relic (center)
Ikea’s medium brown Malm chest is turned into an family heirloom lookalike with the help of the aged look of these Venetian Bronze Medieval Knobs.

French frivolity (right)
The brassy hue and scrolled design of Home Depot’s Liberty Traditional Bail transforms Ikea’s black-brown Malm Chest into a French-inspired dresser that will be right at home in a luxe boudoir.

With most drawer hardware only a couple of dollars and the chest just $179, this DIY project can easily be completed for a respectable $200.

(Images: Ikea, handles linked above)

Do you prefer to buy or DIY? Tell us below!


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