Jewlr Love Story: Andii and Douglas

Every ring from Jewlr tells a story. Whether it’s a love story, or a tale of family and friendship, each piece is unique to you.

The winner of our recent #JewlrLoveStory Instagram contest, Andii, shared the story of her and her fiance Douglas. From the moment they first met to the moment he proposed, their love story has been like no other. ❤️

“I am lucky enough to be in love with my best friend and fiancé Douglas. We met December 2012 at a Christmas party at my parents neighbours house (who are his aunt and uncle) We had met a few times previously but both being in relationships at those times nothing ever came from it, but I remember doing my hair that morning just hoping he would show up to the festivities and I would be looking my best. I will never forget that first time we locked eyes across the room and how all night his uncle would subtly try to get us together in the same room.

“The spark ignited that night but we had no idea of the obstacles ahead.  I was currently in Pastry school in Ottawa and he was going on a 4 month road trip through the United states and South America. We still tried to talk a lot while apart and he actually came to see me in Ottawa for my birthday in May. I graduated and came home in June, we moved in together right away and eventually bought our first house March 2014.”

“He proposed to me July 23 2016, we had been Pokemon hunting on Pokemon go when he suggested we descend into the Edmonton river valley. While walking we approached a set of stairs with a wet paint sign. He made me notice that sign knowing me well enough that I would leave his side and touch the paint, when I turned around he was on one knee holding my gorgeous jewlr engagement ring in its box. Our wedding is planned for September 15th 2018. He’s helped me become the woman I am today, and I cannot imagine my life without him.”

Thanks again to Andii and Douglas for sharing their story. The Jewlr family wishes them a lifetime of happiness!

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