Sparkle Cents: 5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Organize Your Handbags

Purses can be the most difficult items in your wardrobe to organize and store. Skip the pricey storage solutions and use one of these easy tricks to keep your handbags from turning your closet into chaos.

1. Hang ten

…or five, or twenty, or forty-four. Grab an assortment of vintage hooks and knobs from your hardware or thrift store and use them to display your prettier purses on a wall. You’ll have a great piece of wall art that doubles as handy purse storage. All for next-to-no-cash.

Photo and project idea from Apartment Therapy.

2. Closet shelves

Hanging collapsable shelves, like these canvas sets from West Elm, are available at most home retailers for around $40. They’ll suggest you use them for linens, sweaters and shoes, but hey – you can totally use them to house your errant clutches and small handbags, too. Shut your closet door and it’s out of sight, out of mind.

Hanging canvas shelves from West Elm.

3. Over the door

The screengrab is ugly, but the idea’s a gem. Over-the-door purse organizers, like this one from Bed Bath and Beyond, are a great solution for handbag-rich fashionistas who can’t spare space in their closets. Mount on the back of your closet door for easy storage and access – all for under $30.

Over the door purse organizer from Bed Bath and Beyond.

4. S-Hooks

The kitchen section of your local IKEA-type home supplies store is bound to have some of these puppies – wire racks designed to hang pots and pans from adjustable “S” hooks. Mount one on your closet door or on a bedroom wall to hang your purses instead – all for a relatively low price (around $30 – $60).

Photo from Flickr; for similar organizers check out the kitchen selection at IKEA.

5. Pot lid holders

We saved the best for last! The idea of repurposing a pot lid holder into an organizer for clutch purses is not only alllll ours but also the cheapest of the bunch, ringing in at a cool $3. Hang the bags with straps and file the strapless clutches into this nifty IKEA pot lid rack for ultimate organization.

Photo of pot lid rack from IKEA.

Got a great fashion or beauty fix? Let us know in the comments section and we could feature your idea in an upcoming edition of Sparkle Cents.

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