How to: choose the right necklace for your top

The right necklace can make or break an outfit. The key to getting it right – choose your necklace to flatter and enhance the neckline of your top. Read on to find out which pieces to wear with the different necklines in your closet.

Scoop- or V-neck 

Scoop- or V-neck tops leave exposed a large amount of flesh on your collarbone and cleavage area. Overly long geometric necklaces will fight with these necklines, while shorter necklaces, such as chokers, can make your neck look stumpy. 

Pair your scoop- or V-neck tops with a pendant-style necklace that reaches just above the hem on the neckline, like Sarah Jessica Parker’s delicate piece does, below. Or, if you wish to cover cleavage for a daytime event or ramp up the drama for night, choose multi-strand beads, jewels or pearls that fill in the space of the neckline without distracting from its shape.

Sarah Jessica Parker



A turtleneck can be one of the most difficult tops to wear, particularly if you want to pair it with jewelry. The simple, dramatic design of the top demands an equally unfussy, big-statement necklace to create a bold effect. 

A long pendant necklace that hits mid-torso, like young Anna Wintour’s does (below) complements the shape of a turtleneck without distracting from it. The turtleneck serves as a great backdrop for a statement-making piece of hanging jewelry. Don’t have any super-long necklaces? Buy a long chain in silver and gold and switch your favorite pendant pieces back and forth.

anna wintour as a teenager



Boatneck tops, or tops that otherwise sit close to the neck, benefit well from necklaces. A necklace can add visual interest to an otherwise straightforward neckline and break up the expanse of the top. Also, as boatneck tops can appear to shorten the neck, the right necklace can draw the eye visually downward, offsetting the somewhat unflattering effect. 

With a boatneck top, try to avoid chokers or any necklace that will sit too close to the jawline. Instead, try a collarbone- or bust-length piece with some interesting details, like Michelle Obama’s, below. Multi-strand necklaces work well with boatneck tops – if you have extra-long beads, loop them once or twice to hit the right length.


As long as your necklace ends above the edge of your strapless dress or top, the sky’s the limit! As with all tops, however, strapless necklines look best with necklaces that mimic, instead of fight with, their shape. A sweetheart neckline works well with a delicate pendant on a fine chain, while straighter necklines look great with more geometric pieces.

Co-ordinating a strapless dress for evening? Try bold, sparkly, statement-making pieces, like Taraji P. Henson’s, below, to amp up the drama factor of a ball gown.


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