Editor Picks: Top 3 Least Man Repelling Fashion Trends

Last week, Leandra  (AKA “The Man Repeller”) brought you her top 3 picks for fashion trends guaranteed to cement your single status. Here are my suggestions for the reverse: shopping finds that might actually get you positive attention from a real live guy.

God knows, I love my man repelling fashion as much as the next girl. But for those times when I want compliments of a different ilk than “where did you get those sweet floral ruffled bloomers, girlfriend?”, I know where to stop. Thankfully, this season’s fashion offers as much for the shopper looking to attract guys as it does for the one looking to make them run crying straight into the arms of their nearest normal-pants-wearing ex-girlfriend. Drumroll, please – the top 3:

1. Sheath dress + belt

Alexander McQueen Resort 2011

Photo courtesy of Style.com

This perennial classic may feel boring, but you can’t argue with biology. By emphasizing your waist, a body part associated with youth and health, you send a clear message to the reptilian part of a guy’s brain: I am reproductively viable, free of disease, and in possession of a working metabolism. Heighten the man-attracting power of the fitted sheath even further by cinching it with a big old belt that will make your middle extra-tiny.

Sleeveless gathered sheath, $130, Banana Republic.

Woven Leatherette Elastic Belt, $4.80, Forever 21

2. Uncrazy Shoes

Marc Jacobs, Fall 2010

Photo courtesy of Style.com

It seems like it’s been years since we wore shoes that were not studded, spiked, or sculpted to the point where they look like bedazzled bear traps. To the relief of men everywhere, this season’s accessories saw a return to relatively sane-looking footwear. Keep a guy’s focus on you, not your shoes by choosing one of the new non-bewildering stilettos in the stores now, and save last year’s Lady Gaga-style hooves for girls’ night.

L.A.M.B. Tansy II shoes, $215, Zappos

3. Sheer tops

Valentino Fall Ready-to-Wear 2010

Photo courtesy of Style.com

Underwear-as-outerwear is huge right now. You’d think this would be man attracting, but remember: men get confused by complicated outfits. Bras worn as tops, underwear over pants, etc, look less sexy to them than bewildering. The key to working the lingerie trend in a more guy-friendly direction? Go sheer, and keep it simple. The hint of skin underneath a see-through-ish blouse ups the likelihood that he’ll be thinking about how hot you are, not how weird your shirt is.

Silence & Noise Printed Chiffon Button-Down Blouse, $58, at Urban Outfitters

Do you dress to repel men or attract them? Talk to us in the comments section.

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