Book Smart

Fashionable totes for the everyday bibliophile.

Book Smart

iPads, Kindles and other e-readers may have tech savvy book lovers clambering for fashionable sleeves, cases and covers, but fear not old-fashioned book lovers as you can still join in all the fun with this roundup of chic book bags.

While online book retailers have made purchasing a new read a cinch, there’s nothing quite like strolling the aisles of your local library, taking in the comforting smell of worn pages and finding that hidden gem amongst the sea of literary options. But lugging around a pile of books is no laughing matter, as any heavily laden student will attest. A book bag is therefore the must-have accessory for any regular reader.

In the past book bags were mainly simple canvas creations, with little imagination or creative flair. Designers may have joined the tech accessory market, but they haven’t forgotten about the original tote. Today there are a plethora of chic and fabulous options for the well-read fashionista. From Karl Lagerfield’s famous profile, to the whimsical trompe l’oeil design by Michael Kors, there’s a stylish book-carrying solution for every taste.

My personal favorite? The glossy cream and black number by Ted Baker. This simple design and color scheme will match most outfits and the quirky bow turns it into a fashion statement.

And if you’ve already procured your books for the week, any one of these totes can do double duty as an extension of your handbag. Simply whip it out for last-minute groceries, paperwork or even your iPad!

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